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What does a Termite Look Like?

(Photo Courtesy of Florida Dept of Entomology)

• Signs of infestation include:

• Winged insects emerging in evenings

and night attracted to lights or TV.

• Discarded wings accumulating around

window sills or in spider webs

• Wooden pellets (much smaller that rice

grains) accumulating on floors or under

furniture. These pellets are cream to

reddish-brown or black. The color of the

pellets is not related to the color of the

wood. The pellets are about 1-2 mm long

and distinctively six-sided, making them

easily distinguishable from other wooddestroying

organisms. Pellets usually fall

into piles as the termites push them out ofthe infested wood.

Winged Termites can be distinguished from winged ants because termites have a thick waist, straight antennae, and equal length wings whereas ants have a distinctly thin or wasp-like waist, elbowed antennae, and shorter hind wings than fore wings



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